Grid Report 11.16.11

16 Nov

Hey, it isn’t Monday… the Grid Report is late, but then again, there isn’t a whole lot, but it would seem that the biggest news regarding TRON UPRISING, is that it too is late, or rather–going to be.

If the article listing upcoming Disney shows at LaughingPlace.Com is correct, TRON UPRISING isn’t really coming out in January at all, but NEXT FALL. It says, that in January will be a series of short, likely the length of commercials, like ROBOT CHICKEN. Perhaps a couple minutes, and the way I see it, they’re nothing but teasers, the sort that MTV created back in the day. Not the premiere of an actual series of episodes. We’ll have to wait another entire year. However, there will most certainly be some hype in January, and we’ll still be writing about that.

CINDY MORGAN will be appearing in Las Vegas, at the HOLLYWOOD VEGAS SHOW this weekend, November 18th – 19th. There will be a whole entourage of movie stars, autographs, and vendors.

People are still fussing over the Corian Exhibit, and the Tron Motorcycles that people keep hyping. If anything, the motorcycles are promoting the idea of electric motorcycles again.

No news at all regarding TRON 3, but Pixel Fantasy has a nice faux concept poster.

UD Replicas has either stalled, or given up on coming out with their RINZLER Motorcycle Suit, which I think is high time they came out with.

Alan Van Dalsem from the TRON LIVES Facebook Group provided this link, to a cartoon music video parody featuring some stuff with TRON:


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